I have been having a lot of fun lately, playing with this technique I have seen around for a while now, blowing bubbles! We all know that blowing milk bubbles is a terrific way to pass the time but, having a milk allergy as a child, I missed out on one of life’s most amusing and mysterious practices. This great feeling of depravity, must be explain my current fascination with the bubbles. I have satisfied this terrible void with the help of a $12.00 aquarium pump from my local pet store!

The aquarium pump allows air to continuously circulate in the liquid causing a blistering structure to foam. You can then scoop these bubbles from the top of the mixture and if done correctly, the formation will hold as the plate is scurried along to your guest. doing this with milk or cream was a pretty easy task but, I really wanted to try something with a different color than the larvae looking white.

I figured the viscosity of the mixture had to mimic that of milk and I would be on my way. I should have thought that through a bit more, I had many failed attempts using everything from trimoline to agar. What is it in milk that provides the structure, making these bubbles hold? Protein!

I used egg white in the mango application.

475g. mango puree

175 g. water

105g. egg white

chocolate torchon, mango bubbles, brown butter lime curd, lime charcoal, thai chili, carbonated mango, brown butter powder, coffee soil, mango paper, mango sorbet

I will try gelatin and soy for my protein next…

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2 responses to “Bubbles

  • Terry Martinez

    I had this just last night! It was delicious. Loved the bitter chocolate and the tropical mango. I need to re-create that mango sorbet–it had lots of punch!

  • mountaincatking

    Looks great as always! seems there has been a lot of progression in your dishes. As I live in Thailand now, wish I could get you some of the amazing mangosteen, rambutan, or durian to work with. Mangosteen sherbert is a current phenom right now in some BKK restaurants. Keep up the creativity. Mangosteen paper!? Durian foam.. damn makes one’s mind wonder~~

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