As the first day of fall passes, I find  inspiration in my favorite season. Although the thermometers in Texas are still reading 90′s during the day, we catch quick glimpses of a cool breeze early morning, before the sun strikes down. Of course all of our leaves have recently changed as well, brown, along with the grass and shrubs. We have been suffering from one of the worst droughts and hottest summers on record, 70+ consecutive days of over 100 degree weather.

curried butternut semi, orange coriander sorbet, micro squash beignet, marigold, turmeric ganache, spaghetti squash croquant

With our slow and still very warm arrival of the season, I am looking to my favorite colors, vegetables, and fruits of the year. Fall and winter squash, pears, fig, parsnip, sweet potato, persimmon, fennel, apples are choice for autumn flavor combinations.

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